The Only Sports Bra With 2 Front Pockets BuddieBra

Sports Bra For Functionality And Purpose About Our Product

How many times do you find yourself shoving stuff in your bra when you need a hand because women’s clothes just do not have enough pockets? (Or any at all!) Probably more often than not, right! We had that problem too, and the only logical thing we can think of doing was to redesign an important undergarment and make it more useful! The BuddieBra has two pockets placed ever so perfectly on the front of the breast that slope down the side to give you the perfect space to carry your most important things. Whether you are exercising, out with friends, or working around the house, the BuddieBra with its 2 unique styles is the perfect option to make sure you never leave home unprepared. With the BuddieBra you can easily fit your; Phone, iPod, Keys, Inhaler, Money, and much more right into either of the 2 front pockets!